Reese Alexander’s Eagle Project

Reese Alexander took on mapping Grafton Center Cemetery as his Eagle project in 2012. New to Grafton Reese looked forward to contributing to his new community. The project work days were the first few really sunny days in New Hampshire. A few of the volunteers were pretty red the second day.

What Reese had hoped might take one day ended up taking up most of three days. In the end, we had location information and detailed grave marker information for 1,206 graves. Reese presented Ed Grinley, Cemetery Trustee, with a detailed list of the information, and worked with his mother to put together this website.

Reese was very careful to ensure the accurate collection of information and to come up with a mapping scheme that would hold up as a good way to direct people to specific graves. Now where the Grafton cemetery trustees get queries about Grafton Center Cemetery, which happens regularly, they have the appropriate information at their fingertips!

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